Concentrated technological expertise like no other.

At AHWION, we combine our core competencies – cold forming and machining – to provide exceptional technological expertise. The result: a holistic process design. With this recipe for success, we develop the best possible, competitive concepts for our customers and realize their visions for the automotive industry – innovative, strong and future-oriented.

Your benefits package

Highly economical cold forming

With HEWI G. Winker GmbH & Co. KG as part of AHWION, you benefit from decades of experience in cold forming. This allows us to guarantee the best component properties with maximum cost-effectiveness through the targeted use of materials. The uninterrupted fiber flow enables higher load capacity of the components.

High-precision machining

With Anton Häring KG’s expertise in machining, we achieve a high level of quality for your parts as well as a high level of manufacturing productivity. Specifically for this purpose, we at AHWION have tool development and manufacturing, automation as well as special machine construction and equipment construction.

Our technology portfolio

At AHWION, we guarantee the highest quality. To achieve this, we utilize the full technological capabilities of both parent companies:

Numerical simulation
Cold forming of wire and slugs
Semi-hot forming of wire and slugs
CNC machining on single and multi-spindle machines from bar or chuck machining
CNC rotary machining soft and hard
Hard turning and milling
High precision machining (grinding, honing, finishing)
Clean room (lapping, polishing)
Surface grinding / blasting / ECM
Special processes (such as laser drilling)
Continuous testing
Assembly (such as capacitor discharge welding or laser welding)
Heat and surface treatments

“The technological command of both parent companies combined in AHWION is an unbeatable combination. The distinctive interaction of expertise creates real added value for our customers – so we can continue to inspire them with innovative technologies in the future.”

– Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Häring, President, Anton Häring KG