Components of the highest quality - customized, precise, future-oriented.

Too complex? No such thing – at AHWION we have developed innovative technologies and manufacturing processes enabling us to machine components of all kinds – no matter how challenging. Our combined power gives AHWION a broad product portfolio with parts and assemblies from various cutting-edge areas of the automotive industry.

New solutions for the industry: our business areas

Our aspiration: to develop visions for the automotive industry together with our customers. That is why we focus on business areas that not only move us today, but also drive the world of tomorrow – sustainably and innovatively:




Hydrogen technology

Our product portfolio:

Pioneering solutions for every application: for and with our customers, we create components and assemblies that meet today’s challenges and lay the foundation for the sustainable and future-oriented mobility of tomorrow. How do we do this? By setting no limits to the most complex requirements.

Fuel cell
Shock absorber
Engine control system
Hydraulic components
Spark plug
Thermo management
And much more

Production with all steel materials

No two steel materials are the same. With our combined core competencies, we have the expertise needed to process a wide variety of steel materials for you:

Free-cutting steel
Boron alloy grade steel
Cold formed steel
Heat-treated steel
Steel for use at elevated or lower temperatures
Stainless steel

Diverse range of realizable specifications

With a maximum part diameter of 60 mm or 70 mm free-flowing, we bring the flexibility to customize your parts according to your individual requirements:

External and internal toothing
Parts made of several individual components
Part lengths up to 150 mm
>150 mm as component solution or bar stock

The result of our technological expertise:

Shaft in unprocessed state

Shaft in processed state

Crown nut in unprocessed state

Crown nut in processed state

Valve body (or valve housing)
in unprocessed state

Valve body (or valve housing)
in processed state

Your partner beyond the production process

We not only produce highly complex parts, but also offer you strong development services with our tooling expertise:

Analysis of different properties:

Whether chemical, physical, (structural) mechanical or technical manufacturing properties – AHWION has various analysis options.

Numerical analysis:

We offer numerical analysis capabilities of both forming and structural mechanics, including fully coupled simulation in 2D and 3D.

Measuring laboratories

In our measurement laboratories, we perform optical, tactile and attributive measurements and tests in accordance with IATF standards.

Optimization of processes:

Our interdisciplinary development team optimizes your processes across the entire supply chain.


We test the anti-corrosion effect of coated components for you in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227, DIN 50018, DIN EN ISO 6270-2, ASTM B-117.

Setting component properties:

We set specific (local) component properties for you through a defined design, material and process combination.